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Current Projects

If there are any questions or concerns regarding any of these projects, please contact Campus Construction at 609-771-3234, or email

TCNJ Paving Schedule:

Link to Paving Map.

Monday, June 13 –
Concrete repairs.

Tuesday, June 14 – Milling.

Wednesday, June 15 – Milling.

Thursday, June 16 – Paving: Green Lane Parking Lot and partial roadway.

Friday, June 17 – Paving: completion of roadway and lot 7 loading dock.

Monday, June 20 – Stripping.

Tuesday, June 21 – Stripping.

Wednesday, June 22 – Finalize.

Projects Construction as of November 1, 2021:

Biology Greenhouse: re-seaming the exterior and renovations to the interior.

Domestic Water Pipe replacements: project is wrapping up, and should be complete this fall.

Steam pipe replacement: between Kendall Hall and Physics will continue through the fall.

Green Hall HVAC Upgrades: new units will be installed in various areas of the building.

Forcina/Education parking garage: a renovation of this garage will take place this year.

 Paving project: will take place after Special Olympics in various areas of Metzger Drive and at the Decker mailroom areas

. Paving of Green Lane ballfields parking lot also.

Roscoe Hall: new underground chilled water piping will be installed behind Roscoe.

Ely Hall: new counters and sinks in the toilet rooms.

Solar panel installations: parking lot 4 and 5 will have standing solar panels installed, and roofs on the Student Center, Packer, and Armstrong Halls.

Packer Hall: interior renovations to the toilet rooms, main hall and weight lifting room.

Softball and Lx fields: repairs to the crumbling capstones around the sports complex will take place.

Main Stadium: bleacher repairs throughout the stadium.

Art Building: patio roof area will be replaced with a new roof and paver system.

Bliss Hall: new flooring throughout.

Brower Student Center: outside the center there will be a new large digital information sign erected.

Fiber cables: underground fiber cabling will be installed around campus.

Jogging path: completion of the walking/jogging loop around campus is underway and will be completed this fall.

Elevator upgrades project: a long-term elevator upgrades project will be kicked off this year. Multiple elevators will be off line and upgraded over the summer of 2022.

Residence Halls: multiple halls will have various HVAC upgrades over the summer of 2022.

Exterior Signs: new directional and building exterior signs are being installed and should be completed this fall.



See potential disruptive construction activities on campus.View Map (PDF)